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What is a round robin volleyball tournament?

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For those that are unfamiliar with the round robin style of tournament, this is how it works for 2 on 2 grass and sand volleyball.

Pool Distribution

Every player is randomly selected into a pool of other players at the beginning of the tournament.  Depending on how many players are registered for the given tournament, there could be anywhere from 2 to 12 pools of play.  The pools also get broken up differently for same sex vs co-ed round robin play.

Pool Play

Once the players are distributed into the various pools, all the pools then commence to play a mixture of games.  The games fall in the format:

  1. A and B vs C and D
  2. A and C vs B and D
  3. Etc…

Until all the pools have completed the scheduled mixture of games.

Bracket Portion of the Round Robin Tournament

After pool play has completed, every player totals the amount of points they scored in each game to get a pool ranking. Once again, depending on how many players are in the tournament, anywhere from 2 to 6 players will pull out of the pool play into the tournament stage.  The top 2 players will play together as a team and the 3rd and 4th players will play together as a team (and so on).

Once in the bracket portion of the round robin tournament, you no longer change partners.  You will stick with the partner until a victorious team is crowned.

Tournament Note

Round robin tournaments offer a great chance to play with a number of different players often improving your ability to adapt and be the most versatile player you can possibly be.  It is a great training and learning process to improve your game in all aspects.