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Tournament results: April 14, 2013

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photo-collage-from-vb-tournamentOur first men’s grass tournament of the year has come and gone.  Thanks for all that came out to make a really fun event.  The day turned out to be a perfect day for playing a grass tournament.  It was overcast the entire day and absolutely perfect temperature.  After all was said and done from a total of 13 players, the final game boiled down to a father and son combination (Brad and Clark) that had done well to pull out of their pools as the top seeds, and our winners from last tournament (Jeison and Mike), whom had also worked hard to pull out of their pool together.

The scores were close throughout the final.  In a best of 3 sets, there was very little separation in any game.  A few tough plays here and there and on this day Brad and Clark were able to finish their run as the champs!

Congratulations to Brad and Clark on winning an exciting tournament.  We look forward to the next even that we all can get our revenge.

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