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Pick-up Grass Volleyball

Calling all Grass volleyball players in the Inland Empire, we are looking to hear from you! As of now, we are adding more and more contacts for interest in our tournaments.  It is no surprise that this is occurring.  There are hundreds of beach and grass volleyball players in the inland empire that are looking…

Grass volleyball in the Inland Empire: Is it Alive?

When you currently do a search for grass volleyball in Southern California or in the Inland Empire, there are only a few websites that pop up.  And looking at the tournament schedules for these “popular” tournaments, they really aren’t even offering that many tournaments.  Is 2 on 2 grass volleyball happening in the Inland Empire…

Calling all CBVA Unrated and B Rated Players Near Riverside, Redlands, and Loma Linda, CA

Stars Volleyball has been running sand and grass volleyball tournaments for about 1 year now.  We have a circle of about 30 dedicated players.  Some have their CBVA B ratings, a few currently have or have had A ratings and above, but most are currently unrated.  Many are unrated not because they are not skilled…