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New Sand at Drayson Center for Beach Volleyball

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Drayson Center is a fitness facility located in the heart of Loma Linda. It is primarily connected to the University of Loma Linda and the Loma Linda Hospital. However, it is also 100% available to anyone in the area. The Drayson Center exists to help make man whole through shaping the body.

As an effort to strive towards continued body growth, the Drayson Center has committed to the sand volleyball community by completely upgrading their sand volleyball setup.   The first efforts that were made were for those playing on the sand courts were to position some of the field lights directly on toward the sand courts.  The lights they have positioned actually provide enough light to continue playing all the way up until the facility closes at 10:00pm.

While this was a nice first step, it did not ultimately effect the game all that much as players will still forced to suffer from scrapes and gashes caused by some of the worst sand/gravel you could imagine to play in.

With their eyes set on continuing to make the sand volleyball community happy and growing, the Drayson Center committed to hearing the players plea to change the sand.  And boy did they do it.

The new sand came 2 weeks ago and was finally ready to play last week.  In the players minds, anything would be better than what was previously there, but we didn’t expect to get some of the best sand outside of playing on the beach.  It is super fine sand that literally feels like you are walking on clouds.  It is also extremely light colored so it does not retain much heat from the warm sun throughout the day.

With new sand, we can already see a shift in the desire to play on the sand courts.  In the past, we found ourselves debating to go the nearest rec center sand courts rather than getting all scraped up on the gravel pits.  Now, it is hard to keep us away from the courts.  Morning time, there is already a group starting to form that is getting out there and training and playing.  Afternoons around 5:00, the courts are getting used most days.   It’s not yet a fight to get to the sand, but it looks like our days of always having an open court to play on may be numbered.