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Pick-up Grass Volleyball

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Calling all Grass volleyball players in the Inland Empire, we are looking to hear from you!

As of now, we are adding more and more contacts for interest in our tournaments.  It is no surprise that this is occurring.  There are hundreds of beach and grass volleyball players in the inland empire that are looking for places to play quality 2 on 2 games, but there simply isn’t a place that provides this.  Well, the truth is, there are many groups that have weekly get-to-gethers that play some very high quality 2 on 2 grass or sand volleyball, but with only one net.  It doesn’t make sense to invite more than 4 to 6 people out to play.

We are hoping to change this idea.  We would like to get semi-consistent pick-up grass volleyball weekly by placing 2 or more nets up in the park and then inviting as many as can make it out.  The idea is to get new players a chance to learn while giving new competition to seasoned players as well.

This is a new idea for us as we typically have been in the realm of only playing with the same group week in and week out.  Our ever expanding circle will make having multiple nets open for pick-up even more enjoyable.

What do you think?  You interested?  If so, please leave a comment below or give us a call directly.